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Introduce yourself to the Let’s Go Tribe community!

Whether you’ve been here a hot minute or since the beginning, introduce yourself for the new baseball year

MLB: Chicago White Sox at Cleveland Indians Ken Blaze-USA TODAY Sports

If you’re new to Let’s Go Tribe, take a look around the comments. Learn some of the names. You’ll be seeing these people a lot. A few might not show up in Game Threads, and some new faces will appear once the games start being played. Either way, in one form or another, we’re all in this together from here on out.

There will be 162 games (and if we’re lucky, a whole lot more) of ups and downs — anger, frustration, elation, and everything in between. No matter who you are or where you come from, we want your input in the comments. We want to know you care about that home run, that missed call. Hell, sometimes we even just want to know you read past the headline and have a correction to point out. It’s all welcome as long as it stays respectful.

Whether this is your first visit to Let’s Go Tribe, or you’ve been here since its inception in 2005, take a minute to introduce yourself in the comments below. If you are one of those crafty vets, feel free to remind people that we don’t use the subject line here, and let them know that their bad takes about Carlos Santana are indeed bad.

If you’re new, seriously, please don’t use the subject line. We’re not animals.

And finally, if you’ve been away from the Let’s Go Tribe community for a while and are thinking about coming back, now’s the perfect time to stop. Drop a line below, let us know what you’ve been up to, and let’s cry together about Frankie’s ankle.