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Brandon Guyer inks MiLB deal with Chicago White Sox

he must have gone to middle school with Manny Machado

MLB: Tampa Bay Rays at Cleveland Indians Raj Mehta-USA TODAY Sports

One 2018 member of the Indians was in the news on Tuesday, and I’m not talking about the Francisco Lindor Subtext Readers. Brandon Guyer, hitter of left-handed pitches, and get-hit-ter by both-handed pitches, moved on and found a spring training home with the White Sox. Someone else had it first.

Assumedly, Guyer will make the club in Chicago out of ST, since he has OPSed 1.013 off of LHP since the start of 2016, even if he has no direct connections to Dream White Sock Manny Machado.

The Indians were wise to let Guyer move on, since it’s always a bad idea to spend the final 79 dollars in your bank account. But more seriously, refusing to bring Brandon back gives credence to the “they don’t want Tito giving playing time to a veteran just because he’s a veteran” theory. (In which case, come on, just find a new manager)

Now, back to that Francisco Lindor subtext: Chris Antonetti made the mistake of giving exclusive access to a hater who has an audience of haters. And Matt got ratio’d on twitter for his article about it.

Around baseball

• Curtis Granderson is also in Guyer’s boat, but with the Marlins, and in a more safe position in the batters box.

• This is a good point. Picking an NFL team of your choice is likely more attractive than playing for the stadiumless A’s.

• The 60-day DL is kinda weird.