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Game of Thrones MLB bobbleheads available for pre-order

All hail His Grace, Slider of House Cleveland, First of His Name, King of the Outfield and the First Basemen, Lord of the Seven Bullpen Arms, and Protector of the Jake.

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The National Bobblehead Hall of Fame and Museum has announced officially licensed Game of Thrones Major League Baseball bobbleheads.

The bobbleheads are manufactured by FOCO and are officially licensed by both MLB and HBO. Best of all, it finally allows Sliders to assume his rightful place as a ruler of men and Protector of the Realm.

Just look at the smirk on this guy. This is not the smirk of a kind, gentle ruler who just loves his cat. This is the bloodthirsty smirk of a king who names his sword something lame like “Widow’s Wail.” He probably has a crossbow, too.

That face has tasted blood.

When Bobblehead Hall of Fame and Museum sent me details about the Indians bobbleheads, they were also nice enough to send along a link that included images of all 30 teams’ pieces.

Slider is terrifying in his own right, but look at some of these other monsters. There are the pure nightmare inducers, such as the Cardinals, Astros, and Mariners....

...and then there are the ones who don’t seem to realize where they are and/or are just happy to be here.

But by far, the best bobblehead is this terrified little baby boy.


If having the Slider the whatever-the-hell-he-is staring at you isn’t your cup of tea, you can also get Indians-themed version of the Night King or an Ice Dragon, which I will not specify the details of in case you haven’t watched all of season 7.

All three can be found for preorder here for $150 as a set. You can also purchase the Night King by himself for $45, Slider on the Irone Throne for $60, the Ice Dragon with Block C for $60, or you can keep an eye on Let’s Go Tribe and Let’s Go Tribe social media for giveaways coming closer to when they actually release.