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Unfortunately, we have to talk about Trevor Bauer again

Morning N&N for February 20, 2019

MLB: ALDS-Houston Astros at Cleveland Indians Ken Blaze-USA TODAY Sports

Because this is a Padres site, we obviously already have a post about Manny Machado signing with the Padres. Notice that doesn’t say “White Sox”—meaning that they now have Yonder Alonso on their roster for no reason. Well, maybe they can find a trade partner after DFAing his declining bat in June.

Anyways, enough about (the better) MM for now... let’s [...deep breath...] talk about Trevor Bauer.

Bauer wants to be a really good pitcher. You all know this. He has modeled his delivery to look like Nolan Ryan’s. I did not know this.

He knows he is good at this and he knows that he is good at “pissing people off.” He should stop being so proud of that latter fact because just like some of us, his teammates don’t seem amused.

Some members of his organization have griped that the clubhouse consists of “24 plus Trevor,” and, says one player, “I think Trevor cares about Trevor a lot.”

And Bauer isn’t amused that they aren’t amused:

“I could’ve fixed Cody Allen’s curveball in two days last year, but I couldn’t tell him anything because he’s a veteran and he doesn’t want to listen,” Bauer says.

Great. Just fantastic. Wonder how many things Carl Willis misheard during this period.

After allegedly fixing a flaw of Mike Clevinger’s, this remarkable coaching by a more prominent member of the coaching staff supposedly took place:

Indians manager Terry Francona publicly theorized that the radar gun at Guaranteed Rate Field might have been inaccurate. “We still die laughing about that, because it was so much work and so much time on Trevor’s behalf and my part,” says Clevinger. “Then Tito’s like, ‘Ah, the gun was hot.’ ”

It’s a good thing that a manager that is such a downer in the clubhouse is amazingly fantastic at the on-field stuff like avoiding bunts, teaching Yandy how to lift the ball and benching ineffective utility men with superb calves.

This was solid advice, though

The Indians have occasionally suggested to him that he stop using Twitter

We should all dream of such a world. So that, you know, Trevor Bauer can’t make headlines like


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