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Let’s Go Read: Power Ball

One last book before the season starts

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Well, we did it. It took three votes, but Power Ball is a bridesmaid no more. After two narrow, almost humorous near-misses, we finally picked Rob Neyer’s book as our selection and I, for one, am quite excited to get to down to the actual business of reading it.

Recently named the winner of the 2018 CASEY Award for Best Baseball Book of the Year, Power Ball breaks down a single 2017 game between the Oakland A’s and Houston Astros to explore the vast changes that have occurred in baseball over the last few decades. Praised by many, including Jonah Keri in our last book club review, Power Ball promises to be a smart and insightful read from a bright baseball mind.

If you want to read along, one great option is to secure a copy from your local library, like me. If you’d rather purchase the book, I recommend a local bookstore first. Failing that, Amazon and other retailers are also available.

Ideally, we’ll finish this book just before the season starts, helping us get through the slog of late spring training. That makes the week of March 18 a good target for a review and discussion of the book. I look forward to reading along with you all and to hearing your thoughts on the book.

Happy reading!