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Danny Salazar playing catch; hopes to get on a mound during Spring Training

Morning N&N for Wed. February 13, 2019

MLB: ALDS-Cleveland Indians at New York Yankees
I don’t know what to think either
Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

Well, Danny Salazar is playing catch. Yes, this is considered progress for Salazar, who hasn’t faced MLB hitters since 2005 (it’s true; look it up).

He hopes to be back on a mound during ST, and pitching in games prior to the ASB. Whether that means May 2 or July 2, I have no idea. But if it’s the latter, it really doesn’t seem like the Indians used $4.5M of their “limited funds” in the wisest manner this offseason.

More notes

• With the Indians “not able to afford” Yan Gomes, we have this super exciting Perez-Plawecki camp battle to look forward to.

• The Indians teased some fake promo items on the twitter and it just made me wish that they really did have a 10-cent milk night scheduled. Like and subscribe and leave your ideas for more fake promo items down below in the comments.

• Yes, we have video of actual Cleveland pitchers doing baseball activities.

round Baseball

• Brett Anderson is heading back to Oakland.

• Look at what Bastian is stuck reporting on now!

• Sergio Romo has signed with the Marlins. Everyone is crediting Jesse Sanchez, but we all know Tony Romo knew first.