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N&N: Yasiel Puig working out with sumo wrestlers in Japan

Morning News and notes for Saturday, December 14, 2019

Yasiel Puig Baseball Workshop Photo by Jun Sato/Getty Images

To describe the Indians at the Winter Meetings, I will quote David Byrne of Talking Heads: “Same as it ever was!. Same as it ever was!”

Other Indians News:

LGFT Yasiel Puig trains with sumo wrestler | - Because why not?

Indians 2019 Winter Meetings recap | - We knew Francisco Lindor was going to be rumored throughout the duration of baseball's four-day stay in Southern California, but it was unknown whether the close quarters shared by team executives would help a deal to transpire. Though it appears that the Dodgers remain the front-runner if -- and it's still a big "if" -- the Tribe decides to part ways with Lindor, a deal has yet to be made.

Can the Cleveland Indians keep Francisco Lindor and add Kris Bryant? Hey, Hoynsie - - People have questions...

Cleveland Indians single-game, spring-training tickets go on sale Saturday - - If you're going to Goodyear, today is the day you've been waiting for.

No Longer Rulers Of The AL Central, The Cleveland Indians Face A Year Of Big Decisions
For a group of executives, and for the franchise as a whole, that has done an excellent job of consistently producing contending teams while adhering to various degrees of payroll restrictions, the coming year and the coming decade offers one of their biggest challenges yet.

Roberto Perez and the Case for Improving an Already Improved Offensive Profile
A little more aggressiveness at the plate might help Roberto Perez build on his successful 2019,

The Indians Can Trade Francisco Lindor and Still Contend, if It's Not Their Only Move
Of course, if the Indians still think they can contend after a Lindor trade, they actually have to use these available funds.

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