DelGua's All Trades No FA Offseason Plan

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Since CLEFO doesn't sign many FA beyond NRI types, here's an all trades offseason plan and like last year, all small scale trades.

3 small trades, adding RHR M. Givens, 3B/OF M. Beaty and INF/RHR J. Cronenworth

1. 2B/3B/SS/RHR J. Cronenworth for J. Tena

Rays have way too many MIF options and two of their best projects are already knocking in Brujan and Fox, so there’s no room to add and protect a successful 7th rd college performer from the Rule 5. All it takes is a 40 spot and some low level ticket, because Cronenworth hasn't debuted yet and is already 25yo. He's their Ka'ai Tom. Might be available for less than Tena (J. Noel?). CLEFO did similar deals early last offseason, so this is the sort of trade I see them start with.

Cronenworth hits LH and throws heat out of the pen from the right side. He’s a good platoon fit with Arroyo/Chang and a perfect use of the 26th man as a two way player. Crushed AAA last year, high OBP, strong BB/K ratio. Yandy-like profile, but with good speed and better defensive versatility.

Alternatively, Rengifo for Plesac, if you prefer more pedigree and ML experience. Rengifo will cost much more though.

2. RHR M. Givens for Hentges, O. Gonzalez, J. Robinson, G. Allen (or Tom)

Baltimore has to trade Givens now or at the deadline. They have lots of 40 roster room, so Indians give them a bunch of upper level guys that need protection and playing time. Headliner could go as high as Oviedo or even Vargas. Lower level possibilities include Burgos, Turner, J. Mota

3. 3B/OF M. Beaty for R. Burgos, Planez, M. Gonzalez

Similar to the Rays and Cronenworth, the Dodgers have a surplus of ML ready corner bats with more in the pipeline, so this represents another good opportunity to buy low on a controllable bat. Beaty is best used as a strong side corner platoon, but as a 3B/OF his LHB fits in nicely in combination with Luplow, Arroyo or Chang. Beaty had a 118 wRc+ with a 217 ISO vs RHP in his debut. He can bat 5th in a platoon with Luplow.

Dodgers will look to clear a 40 spot by getting 2-3 high upside low ball players back and the Indians happen to have a lot of those. J. Noel, Tena, Sanquintin, A. Martinez, Bracho, Nova, Valdes, Benson etc. I'd try to keep Bracho and Martinez, but any 2-3 combination of the others is fair game. This is basically a Luplow 2.0 trade

Another sort of trade I'd liketo see is the Indians selling one of their fringe 40 guys for low level talents. A reverse Cronenworth deal. The Braves are one of the few contenders that have lots of 40 space, so something like Chang for RHP Vodnik and 2B G. Cullen is what I would try.

This is the best "disappointing" offseason scenario I'd be cool with.

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