What is YOUR Price for Fransisco Lindor?

Mike DiNovo-USA TODAY Sports

It appears it's a matter of "when," rather than "if," the Indians will trade Lindor. Personally, I directly blame ownership in this situation for seemingly not caring about securing the best possible future HOF candidate for Cleveland since Thome. But I digress. This is a business, and emotion is bad in business.

In Lindor we have a true two-way talent only superceded by his exceptionally marketable personality. He's a marketing dream. Still, if we deal him, to whom and under what price shall you accept? I know two things for certain, the Yankees are automatically off the board and the Orioles got so little for Machado I would rather assume letting him play his final season fully in Cleveland if he remains here that long.

Dodgers: they first popped up as the first pursuits of Lindor almost immediately at the conclusion of that awesome World Series (I loved the pitching dominance). I'm gonna be frank, I want the following to begin the deal - Corey Seager and Alex Verdugo. Then a choice between Dustin May or Josiah Gray. Jeter Downs and a much lower lottery prospect. That's the price. I'm sure LAD doesn't do this deal without confidence they can extend/lock up Lindor to a lifetime contract (they have, I believe, $16M guaranteed past 2021 in total payroll). Seager fills in at SS, even if he's not Lindor, and is a great bounce back candidate. LAD can easily pay for an OF to replace Verdugo. May or Gray, and Downs, are the prospect collateral that isn't guaranteed but show promise. We may even throw in some on our side, but this is the package I want.

St. Louis: I'd actually be okay with Lindor spending his career here under the same assumption he's extended for life as in the circumstances above. In return I want this - Nolan Gorman; Paul Dejong or Kolten Wong; Carlos Martinez; and Junior Fernandez.

Are these prices too steep? Yeah, they are, and that's the point. You're gonna have to really overpay to get a generational player. What's some other teams and proposals you guys have?

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