Offseason plan, basic style

Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

A very basic fanpost about what to do, not including any trades. I'm assuming they can add 20-25M to payroll because they have no financial commitments for next year basically and they can get rid of people very easily through trade or thru not picking up options.

Sign one of Moose (2/20), Flores (2/10) or Asdrubal Cabrera (2/10). Moose is the best option but either of the other two are fine as stopgaps for when other players start coming up in 2022. I'd lean towards Flores as he is probably just as good of a hitter as moose is, but is cheaper because he isn't as good in the field, but we have Lindor to make up for a that a little bit.

Sign either Puig (2/18) or Dickerson (2/15). Go with Mercado, FA, Luplow/whoever as your main OF.

I'm assuming Flores and Puig here, so that is 14M. Sign Clippard to a 2/5 or something. Sign Chris Marton to a 2/10


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