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Christian Arroyo “in the mix” to be 2020 Indians 2B

Morning N&N for Nov. 6, 2019

MLB: Minnesota Twins at Tampa Bay Rays
this is not jason kipnis
Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

You have now seen it. The saddest LGT headline of all time.

A fan, smartly assuming that the Indians would prefer to spend less than a million bucks on their 2020 second baseman, recently asked Mandy Bell if “Christian Arroyo” would be “a good bet” to be that guy.

Unless Christian Arroyo is secretly Jose Altuve, let’s hope not.

Here’s a better idea.

Now a spin around baseball:

• Far from required reading, mlbtr likely DID MOST THINGS WRONG here

• LGFT Adam Rosales has entered the coaching ranks

• The Cubs are in deep trouble now that they lost their yoga instructor and massage therapist

• Boston’s crying poor is successfully adjusting the media’s expectations

Now, a nice development:

bUt hE cAn’T hOLd rUnNers oR fiELd