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Morning News and Notes for November 20, 2019

Morning News and Notes for November 20, 2019. This is it. You found it this Wednesday!

MLB: Cleveland Indians-Media Day
Hu’s on LGT
Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

It’s that time of year when, in this new era of MLB owner restraint, you don’t even expect any non-relief pitchers to switch teams.

Sometimes, you come to LGT in late-November to pump out eleven comments about Chih-Wei Hu, and sometimes it’s to throw another prayer on the Don’t Trade Frankie pile.

So yes, the Indians have 3.4 WAR sitting there unsigned, but nobody is exactly caravaning to steal them.

Around baseball

• As of now, the Astros are the only known digital sign-stealing offender that Rob Manfred is aware of.

• The Braves signed Chris Martin to a 2-year, $14M contract, as the team weirdly announced on twitter. (It’s weird that they included the dollar amount, right? Teams don’t usually do that, right?) If, like me, you don’t remember him being on the Braves postseason roster, that’s because he’s the guy who got injured in Game 1 and was removed from the roster. I do remember that happening, just not the dude’s name. And, for him, besides the $14M, none of this sounds like much… Fun.

• Stephen Strasburg could sign soon. But probably not, since he isn’t a LO(T?)OGY.