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Despite umpires’ efforts to end series, Anthony Rendon forces game 7

Morning N&N for October 30, 2019

MLB: World Series-Washington Nationals at Houston Astros
did you know jose altuve is small
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Washington entered last night’s World Series game feeling like the umpires played a big part in Houston’s G5 win, and they had a point. But things did not improve Tuesday night.

With a 3-2 lead, Trea Turner did his best Michael Martinez batting impression by hitting a baseball 19 inches in a World Series game. Except Brad Peacock wanted to make things interesting, so he threw the ball a little wildly, and the umpires gave him the out anyways, because they suck this series.

How did they do this? Because they determined that a RHB who runs in a straight line to first base is interfering with the thrown baseball. He was supposed to run an out-and-up then turn around for a (rare on-target) Dwayne Haskins pass instead, apparently.

Our hero of the night, Anthony Rendon, made all of this moot by hitting a home run with the original runner still on base, and then adding more RBIs later in the ballgame to give him 5 on the night.

All of this was enough because Stephen Strasburg pitched fantastically. All night long, he put the baseball right where Yan Gomes wanted it, and worked into the 9th inning before giving way to the WSH bullpen.


The Brewers might be going back to their awesome glove logo for a year, albeit a slightly modified version of it.

And the Braves will try to re-sign LGFT Josh Donaldson.