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Rangers Sign LGFTs Asdrubal Cabrera and Zach McAllister

Morning N&N for Jan 23, 2019

Miami Marlins v Philadelphia Phillies
Photo by Rich Schultz/Getty Images

Yesterday, the Texas Rangers decided that they wanted to be the 2011-2014 Indians. So, they did what any self-respecting baseball team would do and they signed #FormerTribes Asdrubal Cabrera and Zach McAllister.

Cabrera will only cost them $3.5M and McAllister $1M, so these are actually solid moves, even though it is now 2019.

Considering the ballpark they play in, Texas might also want to add Asdrubal’s power coach Orlando Cabrera. How’s that for an LGFT reference?

Asdrubal would have made sense as a 2019 Indians signing, too. As would have this guy...

Nick Markakis re-signed with Atlanta for a paltry (Yes, dad, I know...) 6 million. Supposedly Nick had better offers but wanted to stick where he was. I hope one of those teams was the Indians, because he would have instantly become our most “sure-thing” outfielder.

Odds and ends

• The Brewers will soon play in a differently-named building

• The Indians announced some staffing details

Details on Cody Allen’s deal with LAAOA

• Sound the Yankee hyperbole alarms

• Some HOF stuff worth mentioning for once: Rivera was the first unanimous selection, Halladay is in, Mussina is too