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Yankees win the... ... Troy Tulowitzki sweepstakes

Morning N&N for January 2, 2019

MLB: Oakland Athletics at Toronto Blue Jays John E. Sokolowski-USA TODAY Sports

Troy Tulowitzki has found a new home in New York, and it isn’t with the Mets. The Yankees signed him yesterday for the MLB minimum for 2019 (the Blue Jays still owe him a boatload) and will hope that he is healthy enough to actually play this season.

Tulo, as LGFTs EE and JD’s former teammate is commonly called, has not played a regular season game since 2017. But the plan is for him to play while Didi Gregorius recovers from offseason surgery.

Indians notes

Sorry, the Yankees are pretty much the only team that did anything yesterday on New Year’s Day.

Around baseball

Like I said, not much, unless you want more details on Yusei Kikuchi’s contract with the Mariners. Or thoughts on him as a pitcher.