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Cleveland Indians News and Notes for January 16

Morning News and Notes for January 16, 2019

MLB: Cleveland Indians at Chicago Cubs
Patrick Gorski-USA TODAY Sports

I refuse to let this be another post about unrealistic Corey Kluber trade scenarios, so you guys get a boring headline, and this stuff instead:

• Jonah Keri wrote about the crazy season that LGFT Oliver Drake had, which sent him all over the big leagues, including a brief stint with the Indians.

• Stop me if you’ve heard this before, but Castrovince says the Indians need an outfielder. (Or maybe he didn’t. I couldn’t get the sound to play on this segment.)

Around baseball

• Surprise! People who work in football think that an athlete should play football instead of baseball!

• But that doesn’t mean Kyler Murray has made up his mind.

• Jeff Sullivan wrote about Avisail Garcia, who the Indians should have signed. There are some absolutely fantastic charts in this article.

• Craving blambugders and wrench fryis, the Red Sox will try to visit the White House next month.

• Curtis Granderson wants to play another year.

• And so does Bartolo. Same dude, same.

• Player I’ve Never Heard Of was traded for a PINHO.