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The Indians temporarily dropped Chief Wahoo and no one seemed to notice or care

It’s almost like a logo has no discernible impact on our attachment to a baseball team.

Cleveland Indians v Toronto Blue Jays Photo by Tom Szczerbowski/Getty Images

You might have noticed something different with the Cleveland Indians’ uniform last night.

Or you might not have until someone mentioned it on Twitter, like so many others.

The Indians removed the controversial logo for their trip up north to face the Toronto Blue Jays, essentially previewing what the Wahoo-less Indians will look like when they drop the logo permanently after this season.

The Indians previously ran into the issue of using Wahoo in Canada in 2016 when they faced the Blue Jays in the ALCS, and they might have just wanted to avoid the issue this time around. At the time, a group of Indigenous activists were aiming to challenge the legality of the logo and stop the Indians from using it when the series went north to Canada. It ultimately changed nothing and the Indians used Wahoo all the way through to the World Series (because, I don’t know if you heard, but the Jays lost that series), and it wasn’t until a year later they announced the logo would be gone permanently for 2019 and beyond.

Despite it being quietly announced on prior to the game, no one seemed to notice it even happened until local ABC reporter John Sabol tweeted it out and the Internet gave a collective “Oh, right. I guess they did.”

Several stories popped up about the altered uniforms, but not until well after Sabol’s tweet and most after the game concluded. It’s even hard to find the typical rage associated with anything Wahoo related on Twitter until he pointed it out.

Truly, no one cared until it was explicitly put in their face.

Lindor homered Twice, Bieber got himself out of a jam, and the Indians ultimately won, all without the grinning Chief Wahoo on their sleeve. Personally, I thought the blank sleeve looks weird and I’d rather see the Block C or another alternate there, but I’m sure it was easier to just remove the logo than sew new ones on for a single road trip, so I can’t blame them.