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Trevor Bauer’s latest video is an AL Central clinching celebration

Get up close and personal with the Tribe’s celebration courtesy of Trevor Bauer

If the Indians are ever about to do something big, you’ll probably spot Trevor Bauer somewhere near by with a GoPro strapped to his head.

Last week it was when the Tribe clinched the AL Central Division for the third straight year and stormed Progressive Field to celebrate. Bauer was there with GoPro attached (and so was Carlos Carrasco with his own creation to... um... capture the action).

You can find a preview clip in Bauer’s Tweet below, and the full five-minute clip at

Here are some highlights:

Josh Tomlin ‘mirin Carlos Carrasco’s headgear

Bauer specifically embraced newcomer Josh Donaldson on the field after the game (also a really slick transition immediately follows this at 0:55)


Jose didn’t stand a chance

Josh Donaldson celebrating in the clubhouse. In our staff Slack we kind of wondered if Donaldson was celebrating with the team since he didn’t appear in much official video. It’s cool that he was.

Shane. Bieber.