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AL Central Champs Edition

Morning news and notes for Sunday, September 16, 2018.

MLB: Detroit Tigers at Cleveland Indians Ken Blaze-USA TODAY Sports

Happy Sunday, everyone!

Indians 15, Tigers 0

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From the first home run by Francisco Lindor to the final strikeout by Brad Hand, yesterday’s AL Central clinching game was a celebration for the Cleveland Indians as they set their sights on the upcoming ALDS.

Side note: As of this writing (12:30 a.m. PT), if you go to, the big story that takes up the majority of the entirety of the front page is a banner about Josh Gordon being released on Monday and Ohio State beating TCU. You have to scroll a bit to find any mention of the Tribe’s third straight division title. Make of that what you will.

Tribe news

Tribe clinches 3rd straight AL Central title | MLB

Saturday’s clinch was a big moment for a lot of players in Cleveland, especially those who have come up through the organization and have seen low points in the franchise.

Tribe embraces 2 weeks to prep for playoffs | MLB

The Indians will meet either the Houston Astros or the Oakland Athletics in the ALDS, depending on which team wins the AL West. Thankfully, the Indians don’t need to battle for their playoff spot over the next two weeks. Instead, they can rest, get their reps in, and set the stage for another October to remember.

10 thrilling moments from Indians’ 2018 run | MLB

It hasn’t always been easy, but this year has provided some incredible moments for Tribe fans. Here’s to some more in October.

Edwin lifted as precaution with ankle sprain | MLB

It wouldn’t be an Indians’ playoff run without injuries. And despite Tito saying “he’s fine”, I have worries.

The sure-thing Cleveland Indians win the AL Central; now the real work begins |

Most (if not all) believed that Cleveland would take the AL Central in 2018. Now that it’s official, they need to work towards doing the other thing that has eluded them for 69 years.

Ready for October: Will the Cleveland Indians get vintage Andrew Miller for their playoff push? |

Miller has two weeks to sharpen up for the ALDS. Let’s hope it’s enough time.

Detroit’s Victor Martinez bids another tearful goodbye to Cleveland Indians and fans |

A great career is coming to an end for one of the nicest guys in baseball. Congratulations on a well earned retirement, Victor.

Adrenaline notwithstanding, Trevor Bauer ramps up the intensity in his latest bullpen session |

Tito has a lot of confidence in the medical staff.

14 times the Cleveland Indians celebrated after clinching a playoff spot |

The difference in the photographs from back in the 20s and 40s compared to the most recent celebrations is hilarious.

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