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Jose Ramirez has met his Mario Kart match in Shane Bieber

Jose’s dominance over the Indians clubhouse is in jeopardy.

If you’ve followed the Cleveland Indians’ social presence this season — particularly Carlos Carrasco — you’ve probably heard of Jose Ramirez’s dominance in the world of Mario Kart 64. It appears, based on his latest Instagram videos, that a new champion has been found.

Carrasco caught Ramirez losing to rookie pitching Shane Bieber prior to last night’s blowout win over the Minnesota Twins:

You can clearly see Bieber, player two as Donkey Kong, cross the finish while Jose is lightning bolted as he approached fourth place. It’s worth noting with a small course like Moo Moo Meadows that this was a very tight race, despite us just seeing the ending. I choose to believe the audio is muted in this video because it contains a lot of under-the-breath swearing in Spanish.

Jose Ramirez then won the next race on Koopa Beach in spectacular fashion, and thankfully Cookie had the camera rolling.

You may not see it at full speed, so let’s break it down.

First, the whole video:

Jose smartly avoids the ramps at this section — spurning they boost they give you — to line himself up for the massive shortcut that cuts through the maps largest turn.

Shane Bieber did the same thing.

They both missed.

No harm, no foul. Jose was still in the lead and narrowly avoiding banana peels down the home stretch, until he eventually hit one and allowed Princess Peach to pass him at the last second. Then, seemingly out of nowhere, Peach hits a peel of her own right on the finish line and gives Jose enough of a win to retake the clubhouse throne.

That’s the kind of banana peel that ends friendships if it happens to a human player. Luckily, this time around, it was just Peach.