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The Corey Klubeard is no more

...or half of it, at least.

Corey Kluber is making a change, and if you believe in magical sports voodoo, maybe this will be the thing to get back on track just in time for the playoffs.

The Klubeard is gone.

Finally! I couldn’t shave fast enough after @akluber11 called off our bet

A post shared by Corey Kluber (@ckluber28) on

According to’s Jordan Bastian, Kluber hadn’t shaved since Christmas and had a bet with his wife that he could keep it all season long:

Based on Kluber’s Instagram post (“I couldn’t shave fast enough”), it sounds like he wasn’t too fond it either, unless I’m reading something wrong somewhere. Either way, this a beautiful and very important day for anyone who enjoys heavy stubble Kluber over Christmas Kluber. There’s just no comparison, really.

Now, I don’t want to say I called it, but I kind of called it.

You’re welcome, America.