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Rajai Davis had his hemorrhoids outed on live TV

Et tu, Matt Underwood?

Boston Red Sox v Detroit Tigers Photo by Duane Burleson/Getty Images

Prior to tonight’s game against the Boston Red Sox, the Cleveland Indians put outfielder Rajai Davis on the disabled list with a “non-disclosed medical condition,” which can mean anything from a stubbed toe to the team just wanting to shift around their roster a bit.

Now, given the timing of the trip — it allowed the Indians to hold onto Yandy Diaz for a bit longer, and Davis can conveniently come back when rosters expand on September 1 — speculation quickly jumped to this being a trip to the “disabled list,” as in a holding pattern while the Indians sort out their roster for a big series against the Red Sox.

Indians reporters and the Indians themselves were being very hush-hush about the injury (but didn’t hide that it was, in fact, a real injury), likely at the request of Rajai Davis because, as it turns out, he apparently has hemorrhoids.

How do we know this since the Indians were not disclosing it? Matt Underwood told us live on air, of course.

Oh noooOoooOooOooO.

Underwood stuttered quite a bit there, leaving one to speculate if he realized mid-sentence that he was about to unnecessarily out a co-workers embarrassing medical condition in front of a prime time television audience. Maybe he’d take the few seconds of awkward silence he allotted himself and take it in a different direction.

Nope, straight to the ‘ole hemorrhoids.

It’s probably embarrassing, but not all uncommon and I wish Rajai nothing but the best in his recovery. May he recover quicker and smoother than Matt Underwood did tonight.