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Hey MLB Network, Trevor Bauer isn’t actually ridding his body of CIA nanites using colloidal silver

...even if that does kind of sound like Trevor Bauer would attempt to do.

@_hoss2 on Twitter

Trevor Bauer has said a lot of outlandish things, baseball related and otherwise.

But no matter what you think of the guy, if you’re a major news outlet reporting on the status of an injured player, you might want to do some extra fact-checking when you decide to report on a tweet.

Would hate for you to get got by a claim as silly as a player “ridding his body of CIA nanites” using “colloidal soliver,” such as this fairly obvious joke by The Ringer’s Michael Baumann.

Wait a minute

*holds earpiece*

I’m being told that’s exactly what happened.

While I don’t have video of it myself (despite putting a gracious bounty of five Schrute Bucks out for it), multiple people on Twitter have claimed to see Baumann’s tweet stated as fact on MLB Network and on ESPN’s crawler, including Bauer and an unnamed teammate.

I mean, sure, on one hand Baumann is a guy who reports on baseball players and occasionally may tweet real quotes from players for context. If you’re some guy scrolling quickly on Twitter without knowing Michael Baumann’s sense of humor, maybe you think that’s real because your eyes glaze over the words “CIA nanites” and move on with your life.

But if you’re ESPN or MLB Network and presumably multiple people read the tweet before it goes on air, you might want to re-evaluate some things. Like, holy hell, that should be the job of several people to make sure whatever you’re making some poor soul read live on television isn’t just a joke.

Maybe that’s just the CIA nanites talking, though.