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Corey Kluber to miss All-Star game after receiving injection in knee

Surely everything is fine. Nothing to worry about.

New York Yankees v Cleveland Indians

The Cleveland Indians announced today that SP Corey Kluber will not pitch in the All-Star game after receiving an injection in his right knee.

Anytime a star player struggles with an injury — regardless of severity — it leads to concerns. Kluber is the ace of the Indians’ staff and their World Series hopes are severely limited if his health is as well.

That being said, there is a chance that this is all good news. In his last four starts Kluber has not been Klubering quite as well. He’s allowed a WHIP of 1.40, owns an ERA of 6.14, and an OPS of .854. Contrast that to the rest of season, where WHIP is .81, ERA 2.10, and OPS .544.

Plenty of fans speculated over the last month that something about Kluber didn’t seem quite right. If the knee bothered him during that stretch, then hopefully the time off and medical attention will turn him back into the dominant Cy Young winner that we know and love.