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Trevor Bauer, starting on Sunday, still intends to be available for All-Star Game Tuesday

He’s replacing another pitcher that was starting on Sunday and opted out of the game.

MLB: Cleveland Indians at Detroit Tigers Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

Trevor Bauer has never been shy about taking on larger workloads. In fact, it’s one the main things he’s done to make himself into such a great pitcher.

Now, after having already pitched in 129.1 innings with one start left to go before the break, Bauer intends to be available for the All-Star Game — two days after he starts on Sunday.

This wasn’t always an option for pitchers who start on Sunday, but the rule was recently relaxed, to the point where clubs or players can make themselves available only if certain restrictions are put into place:

Are starters who pitch the Sunday (July 15) before the game allowed to participate?Initially, Sunday starters were deemed ineligible. Then, they were allowed to make the decision themselves (albeit limited to a single inning if they opted to play). Now, clubs or players are allowed to make requests for usage accommodation if there are factors (such as a DL stint, recent surgery, innings workload or other reasons) that would affect the pitcher’s availability. If an accommodation is granted, then the parties will agree upon the pitcher’s status and workload availability.

According to Tito, Bauer will be used only “if needed,” such as the game going into extra innings.

In all likelihood he won’t pitch, mainly because pitching in a pointless game two days after a start is bonkers, but it sure would be fun to see. At the very least, it’s very Trevor Bauer to be one of the only pitchers willing to stay on the roster despite the Sunday start, unlike the pitcher he replaced on the All-Star Game roster, Justin Verlander. I don’t fault Verlander for bowing out, but I certainly commend Bauer for still being willing to do it.