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MLB Draft 2018: Cleveland Indians select RHP Lenny Torres with No. 41 pick

Welcome to the Tribe, Lenny!

The Cleveland Indians selected RHP Lenny Torres out of Beacon High School in New York. Lineras “Lenny” Torres is extremely young (he won’t turn 18 until October of this year), but he’s got a lot of power in his arm and he’s had the attention of scouts this year. At 6’2”, 185 lbs., Torres used to play infield in his early years before transitioning and eventually sticking as a pitcher. Torres, along with Brandon Neeck, are two of the top pitchers from the New York area in the draft tonight, and Lenny is the first to be chosen.

Lenny has a good fastball, but he is unable to consistently throw it at a high velocity. Sometimes he’ll throw it in the low-90s, but on a good day, he can ramp up into the mid- to upper-90s. He pairs it with a fantastic slider that will get better with time and repetition. He’s still figuring out another pitch to add to his arsenal, toying with the idea of a cutter or a change-up.

Torres is young, and it’s not out of the realm of possibility that he will go the college route instead of beginning his professional career. He’s currently committed to St. John’s, so it’ll be interesting and exciting to see if he decides to sign with the Tribe in the coming weeks.