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Francisco Lindor tops Keith Law’s top 25 under 25 list

It’s a sea of Astros and Yankees behind him.

Cleveland Indians v Detroit Tigers Photo by Leon Halip/Getty Images

Francisco Lindor is really good. You know it, I know it, Keith Law knows it. Seemingly the only people that don’t know it are All-Star voters.

The Cleveland Indians’ prolific not-a-power-hitter topped Keith Law’s “top 25 under 25” list, following a sea of Houston Astros and New York Yankees youngin’s. In his assessment of one of the game’s best players, Law noted Lindor’s surprising power, as well as his great defense and speed on the bases:

I’m still shocked by the power Lindor has shown the past year-plus in the majors -- granted, in a period when we know the ball itself is traveling farther -- and it’s enough to elevate him to the top spot here, along with his plus defense and added value on the bases. However, you could make a great case for the guy right behind him.

I’ve editorialized Law’s blurb a bit to take out the parts that are blatantly untrue.

Before you rightfully get up in arms about Jose Ramirez’s absence, he doesn’t make the cut because he turned 25 nine months ago. If you didn’t realize Ramirez was already 25, you’re not alone. If Ramirez was born 10 months later, I would be surprised to see him and Lindor some kind of combination of one and two ahead of Carlos Correa and Alex Bregman.

As it is, Lindor is the Tribe’s only representative on the list, but Francisco Mejia might see his name in Law lights in the coming years, depending on how the trade deadline goes and how well he acclimates to the majors.