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Anyway, here’s Francisco Lindor twerking

The Indians know how to party.

In the early innings of tonight’s game against the Chicago White Sox, Francisco Lindor and Jason Kipnis just had get out there and dance. Just let loose and freak it out, y’know?

Luckily there are cameras everywhere, and one of them caught the two doing.... something in the dugout. Take a look.

I’m no dance expert, but Lindor’s moves could be qualified as twerking, yes? And I’m almost certain Kip audibles into making it rain when he saw Frankie taking it to the floor.

There’s just so much goodness going on in this single seven-second clip. Kip and Frankie, of course, but there’s also Josh Tomlin and Terry Francona having a shared moment of “I’ll pretend to not know them if you do,” and laughing it off. There’s Carlos Carrasco leaning in from partially out of frame to get a better glimpse of the action. And then there’s Matt Underwood just gritting his teeth and powering through his lines trying to avoid describing the rhythmic magic happening before his very eyes instead.

If this isn’t enough to get Lindor at least a couple thousand All-Star votes, I don’t know what is.

Kipnis himself is no stranger to fun dugout antics, but this one actually was meant to be seen by cameras. Not quite the same as his, um, bonding experience with Cookie earlier this season. I love you, dirtbag.