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Indians 2018 draft tracker: Who has signed so far, and for how much?

An update on which Indians draft picks have agreed to a deal.

Minnesota Twins v Baltimore Orioles Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images

Every pick through the end of round 10 of the MLB draft has a slot value. This is sort of a recommended signing bonus for each of those picks. The number one overall pick has a slot value of $8.1 million this year, all the way down to the final few picks of the 10th round, which have a slot value of $136,800. Teams can still sign their draft picks for however much they want, but if their total expenditures on players in the first 10 rounds exceeds the combined slot value of those picks, they are fined. If they exceed their budget by more than 5 percent, they forfeit a pick in next year’s draft.

It is important that teams draft some players they expect to sign for “below slot.” College seniors are the most likely players to do that, as they don’t have the option of staying in school and waiting to be drafted again. Drafting (and signing) such players frees up room to go “over slot” for players who aren’t going to sign unless there’s enough money on the table. This mostly applies to top high school players, all of whom have scholarship offers they can take instead of signing.

The Indians had 12 draft picks before the end of round 10 this year. They drafted four high school players with those picks, and eight college players. Only one of those college players in the first 10 rounds was a senior. For 2018, the Indians’ total draft pool amount was $9,145,200.

Here are those players, along with other pertinent information, the most important item being whether or not they’ve agreed to a deal yet, and if so, whether it’s above or below their slot value:

Top 10 Rounds Bonus Tracker

Round Pick Player Position School Slot Value Actual Bonus Difference
Round Pick Player Position School Slot Value Actual Bonus Difference
1 29 Noah Naylor C St. Joan of Arc Catholic $2,332,700 $2,578,138 -$245,438
1C 35 Ethan Hankins RHP Forsyth Central HS $2,016,400 $2,246,022 -$229,622
CB 41 Lenny Torres RHP Beacon HS $1,744,800 $1,350,000 $394,800
2 67 Nick Sandlin RHP Southern Mississippi $939,700 $750,000 $189,700
3 103 Richard Palacios SS Towson U $544,200 $475,000 $69,200
4 133 Adam Scott LHP Wofford $406,300 $50,000 $356,300
5 163 Steven Kwan CF Oregon State $303,400 185000 $118,400
6 193 Raynel Delgado 3B Calvary Christian Academy $235,600 $900,000 -$664,400
7 223 Cody Morris RHP South Carolina $185,600 $185,600 $0
8 253 Alex Royalty RHP UNC Wilmington $155,900 $155,900 $0
9 283 Brian Eichorn RHP Georgia Southern $143,800 $150,000 -$6,200
10 313 Robert Broom RHP Mercer $136,800 $136,800 $0
11-40 $0 $440,000 -$440,000
Total Spent Remaining
$9,145,200 $9,602,460 -$457,260

The first 10 rounds of the MLB draft aren’t the only ones that matter, of course. The Tribe have hit some home runs in previous years on day three, which is composed of rounds 11-40. Beginning last year, any player drafted in rounds 11-40 can be offered up to $125,000 to sign. They’re allowed to offer more than $125,000, of course, but the extra money will be deducted from the team’s total draft pool for rounds 1-10. In rounds 11-40, the Indians drafted 8 high school players, 19 college players and three community college players.

Here are how rounds 11-40 have panned out thus far and who has signed:

Rounds 11-40 Draft Tracker

Round Pick Player Position School Signed? Bonus
Round Pick Player Position School Signed? Bonus
11 343 Jack DeGroat RHP Liberty University Yes $125K
12 373 Thomas Ponticelli RHP University of San Francisco Yes $125K
13 403 Kyle Marman RHP Florida Atlantic Yes $125K
14 433 Korey Holland OF Langham Creek HS Yes $515K
15 463 Bryan Lavistida C Hillsborough CC Yes $175K
16 493 Ruben Cardenas OF Cal State Fullerton Yes $125K
17 523 Liam Jenkins RHP Louisville Yes $125K
18 553 Shane McCarthy RHP Seton Hall Yes $5K
19 583 Antoine Duplantis OF LSU
20 613 Jake Miednik LHP Florida Atlantic Yes
21 643 Eric Rodriguez C George Wallace CC Yes $125K
22 673 Eli Lingos LHP Arizona State Yes $5K
23 703 Cody Farhat CF Texas Tech Yes $115K
24 733 Aaron Pinto RHP SUNY Stony Brook Yes
25 763 Kellen Rholl LHP Angelo State Yes
26 793 Gunnar Halter RHP Seminole State
27 823 Gionti Turner SS Wilson Chapel HS Yes
28 853 Billy Wilson OF Loyola Maramount University Yes
29 883 Tim Herrin LHP Indiana Yes $100K
30 913 Connor Smith SS Western Michigan Yes $100K
31 943 Jonathan Engleman RF Michigan Yes
32 973 Andrew Eyster OF Santa Fe CC No
33 1003 Daniel Schneeman SS BYU Yes
34 1033 Spencer Schwellenbach RHP Saginaw Heritage HS
35 1063 Casey Legumina RHP Gonzaga
36 1093 Jose Gutierrez C Arlington Lamar HS
37 1123 Timothy Borden SS Our Lady of Providence
38 1153 Zach Gelof SS Cape Henlopen HS
39 1183 Kaleb Hill LHP Watson Chapel HS
40 1213 Braxton Cottongame LHP Perry Central HS