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Shane Bieber is starting for the Indians on Thursday

One-thousand siren emojis belong here

Kansas City Royals v Houston Astros Photo by Bob Levey/Getty Images

During the manager’s show before today’s baseball game, Tito Francona announced that Shane Bieber will start for the Cleveland Indians on Thursday.

If you’re not familiar with Shane Bieber, welcome to the blog. We’re happy to have you here, where we’ve been singing his praises since the middle of last season. In In 35.1 innings between Akron and Columbus this season, Bieber owns an ERA around 1.10 with 61 strikeouts and three walks. If you think that’s ridiculous, note that two of those walks happened in his Triple-A debut. In an interview with our own Brian Hemminger, Bieber said he needed to work on throwing more balls to better deceive hitters.

Thursday night is appointment viewing, people.