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What even is baseball

Someone. Please. Tell me

MLB: Houston Astros at Cleveland Indians David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

I’m not even going to write this recap.

We’ve written it too many times.

Do something about, Indians. It is obvious that this is something that the team cannot wait to fix.

Did the Indians show life at the very end, attempting to mount a comeback? Yes. Is Jason Kipnis bouncing back? Probably. Is Jose Ramirez the second coming? The evidence is piling up.

Most importantly, is a moribund bullpen’s continual shortcomings something from which the team will evetually be unable claw back?



We all predicted a Greg Allen walk-off home run, didn’t we? I think we all said, “Yup, this bruh who has 90 plate appearances at Triple-A is gonna torch the best bullpen in baseball.

I have no recap.

There is no recap. Nothing can recap this game. Let’s just start the god damn conversation.