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Andrew Miller is back on the DL

This would explain a lot.

MLB: Kansas City Royals at Cleveland Indians David Dermer-USA TODAY Sports

Do you hear that? In the distance? The soft sounds of Simon & Garfunkel growing louder and more present than before.

Hello darkness, my old friend:

Those that were saying “Andrew Miller needs a rehab assignment”, you may have been partially right. I’d say it should have gone a step further and he should have been completely shut down if his knee was still an issue. And according to Tito, it has been all year:

The Indians bullpen has been a dumpster fire all season, but many assumed things would be okay once Andrew Miller returned healthy. Now, there’s no reasonable estimate as to if or when that will happen.

If the Tribe has hopes of making it deep into October, they will need relief in the bullpen. As sad as it may be, Andrew Miller may not be the answer.