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Indians plan to unveil new mascot on Wednesday

Give me life-sized Froot Loops hot dog or give me death.

MLB: Detroit Tigers at Cleveland Indians Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

Fire up the klaxon, we have some big important news to report. The Cleveland Indians plan to unveil a new costumed mascot early Wednesday morning on WKYC.

This doesn’t mean the end of Slider, though — WKYC assures his dozens of adoring fans that he is not going anywhere and neither are the other mascots that roam Progressive Field.

Currently outside of the feared and respected Slider, the Indians employ a trio of hot dogs that race around Progressive Field and occasionally do weird things in the bleachers.

Last year, the Indians also “promoted” a relish hot dog from Triple-A Columbus after Ketchup the hot dog (these are things, try to keep up) came down a case of soggy buns. So the addition of a new clubhouse presence isn’t a new feeling for these guys.

Personally, I’m rooting for a life-sized version of this Froot Loops hot dog abomination:

That, or Bradley Zimmer’s chin. I’ll take either one.