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Let’s Talk Tribe Podcast Ep. 88: Francisco Lindor, Superstar

Francisco Lindor is a superstar, regulating cleat illustrations is dumb, and what the hell is going on in the outfield?

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Let’s Talk Tribe is back! After a several-month haitus due to computer trouble and busy schedules, the official Let’s Go Tribe podcast is ready to be back on its regular Tuesday release schedule (or Monday night if you want to follow live on Facebook).

With the exciting news comes something a little less exciting — after hosting the podcast with me for the better part of two years now, Jason Lukehart went and got himself a family. He and his wife created life and for some reason he thought that was more important than talking about coloring shoes with me.

But really, I wish Jason nothing but the best and can’t thank him enough for helping me with the podcast (among a million other things) and carrying the conversation more times than I count.

From now I’ll be leaning on Merritt Rohlfing to make the podcast interesting. You might recognize his name. He’s written a couple things here, including definitive proof that Ty Van Burkleo is a figment of your imagination.

In this first rebooted reboot episode of Let’s Talk Tribe, Merritt and I discuss the super stardom of Francisco Lindor, among many, many other things. We also might not believe in Greg Allen as much as some people, and we wish more people would try and hit home runs over Bradley Zimmer’s head. Just listen to the episode, it makes sense I swear.

Also, I have a theory that Major League Baseball suddenly caring about tweets is not a random coincidence. It’s all about leverage in upcoming CBA negotiations which are almost guaranteed to get ugly. They’re looking for any scrap of leverage they can, and that includes holding quality of life additions hostage.

Thanks to @JoelHammond, @soxmachine_josh and @FeedYourTribe for the social media questions this week.

Intro and outro music: Confidence Man, by New Planet Trampoline.

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