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Mike Clevinger received a warning from MLB for “non-conforming” illustrations on his cleats

Baseball sees you having a personality, Michael, and they would appreciate it if you would stop.

Don’t let your children look at these images.
Jonathan Hrusovsky

Mike Clevinger, noted menace to society and the man singlehandedly trying to bring down Major League Baseball, is at it again.

The madman, who dared to have his glove the wrong shade of tan and has hair past his shoulders, worse Under Armor cleats on May 1 that featured some pretty sick illustrations drawn by artist Jonathan Hrusovsky. The Bohemian-inspired artwork, which featured an elephant and flower-petal designs (something Clevinger, aka “Sunshine,” is quickly becoming known for), were enough to draw the All Seeing Eye of Manfred down upon him.

The offending shoes can be seen in a Tweet by Hrusovsky below.

It’s easy to see how such beautiful artwork is disrespecting the same game that also features these monstrosities.

Clevinger isn’t letting an angry-worded letter stop him from his fashion, though. On Mother’s Day (a Major League Baseball Officially Sanctioned Fancy Shoe Day), Clev will be turning up the flashiness to 11 with more flower-clad cleats featuring his own mom, his wife Monica, and his daughters Piper and Penelope.

Since Clevinger is being an obedient player now and only wearing them on Major League Baseball’s Officially Sanctioned Fancy Shoe Day (which every totalitarian authority figure should have), he likely won’t be fined for these.

Just don’t you dare let Rob Manfred catch you with a light grey glove again, you scoundrel.