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Miguel Cabrera made sure Jason Kipnis was wearing a cup

This is a very important baseball post, please read.

This is the only thing a Tigers player has hit all night.

It’s cold out there, and baseball is weird as a result. Mostly that just means a lot of fly balls that would be home runs are dying in center field, but in other ways it means Miguel Cabrera is cup-checking Jason Kipnis.

Wait, let’s back up a minute. There’s video evidence and everything:

I realize Progressive Field has a grand total of 100 fans tonight, but it’s still pretty hard to get away with a cup check like that without someone noticing. It didn’t seem malicious, at least. And who knows? Maybe the second before the camera cut over, Jason Kipnis leaned into Miguel to say, “Hey, bet you $10 I’m wearing a cup,” and Miguel Cabrera, like any warm-blooded human, isn’t gonna pass on a free $10.

Anyway, back to your regularly scheduled baseball.