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Francisco Lindor took BP in a custom Cavs jersey then lead off the game with a home run

The Land giveth, The Land giveth some more.

Ever since the Cleveland Cavaliers won the cities first championship in a long, long time, Cleveland sports have been pretty tight. They were before that too, of course, but the Cavs and Indians have a particularly pronounced friendship. The Indians were frequent attendees of the Cavs’ Championship run, and LeBron James lost his danged mind watching the Indians in the World Series.

Francisco Lindor continued the time honor tradition of sports in The Land by wearing a custom Cavs jersey in for batting practice in a show of support for the Cavs’ playoff series against the Indiana Pacers:

Then, like poetry, he led off the game with a home run to center field:

Michael Brantley and Edwin Encarnacion followed shortly after, but did they wear cool jerseys before the game? No. So their highlights aren’t being embedded in this post. Let that be a lesson to you fellas.