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Tonight, the Indians and Cubs will play eachother for the first time since the World Series

Morning N&N for April 25, 2018

MLB: Chicago Cubs at Cleveland Indians Ken Blaze-USA TODAY Sports

Josh Tomlin’s pitching is still very bad. But hey, he’s a great guy, and you can’t expect 3.5 WAR from your #5 starter, so people in the baseball establishment will still defend him endlessly. Joshua has allowed 8 home runs in 12.2 IP but the Indians felt the need to “play for 1 run” by having Francisco Lindor bunt in the third inning to reduce the deficit to two runs. Smrt!

Tyler Chatwood pitched for the other team and walked 5, but none of them came around to score. You know why.

There’s a reason we have yet to mention yesterday’s opponent or the result of the game. Bad memories.

Twins News

• Lost 8-3, now have a record of 8-10

Royals News

• Lost 5-2, now have a record of 5-16

Tigers News

The Detroit Tigers were postponed in Pittsburgh

White Sox News

Got shut out by Marco Gonzales, Dan Altavilla, Scrabble, Juan Nicasio and Edwin Diaz

Find someone who loves you like the rest of the ALC loves the Indians.

Around baseball

Michael Brantley is making contact very frequently. I would have hated picking up his option much less had I known that the rest of baseball would be swinging for flyouts every pitch, with Brantley being the lone exception.

• Joey Gallo isn’t going to be facing extreme shifts for much longer if this keeps up.

• Eric Lauer made his MLB debut for the Padres, and, well, doing so in Coors in the pouring rain is less than ideal.