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Francisco Lindor leads Tribe homer spree in San Juan

Morning News and Notes for 4/18

Cleveland Indians  v Minnesota Twins Photo by Ricardo Arduengo/Getty Images

You may have heard. The Indians and Twins played in San Juan, Puerto Rico last night and will do so again tonight. Last night counted as a home game for the Twins. So will tonight’s. Happy about that, but why didn’t they just make it one for each team?

Anyways, Francisco Lindor was back in his native unincorporated territory (see, I didn’t say country, cle dot com) and you better believe he hit a home run. Twins pitchers were serving them up by the hundred, but that’s not the point.

More Tribe Links

• At least one person in San Juan knew how to decorate.

• At least one person thinks Shane Bieber is the best pitcher in the minor leagues.

• Mike Napoli was carted off of a minor league field. That doesn’t sound good.

alrededor del béisbol

• Shohei Ohtani has a blister, according to the Angels.

• The Jays beat the Royals twice yesterday. Lolol.

• RoyalsReview wants to know who the most mediocre player in Royals history is. There is no wrong answer to this question.

• Patrick Corbin carried a no-hitter into the 8th inning, but no further than that.

• Mike Trout finally has non-crappy players around him.

• Magnificent pitching gifs were stupidly taken away from us, but we should be getting them back.

• Adam Ottavino is one of a kind.

• Ron Gardenhire has a new favorite store.