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Jose Ramirez hurts finger in mysterious dugout incident

We have nothing but speculation as to the cause of the cut

Cincinnati Reds v Cleveland Indians Photo by Rob Tringali/Getty Images

I will allow Stan from Twitter to get the obvious joke out of the way as quickly as possible.

Thanks, Stan.

The reality is that no one outside of Jose Ramirez himself seems to know how he managed to lacerate his left middle finger in the dugout during the first inning. The team certainly isn’t sharing specifics with reporters other than to say that the injury will be day-to-day. It’s the second unusual injury in as many days. Yesterday, Edwin Encarnacion sat out of the game because he “slept wrong”. I don’t intend to interrupt what, exactly, that is supposed to mean when it comes out of the mouth of Terry Francona. I do want to say the following, and I think everyone at Let’s Go Tribe is in agreement: HEY, KEY PLAYERS, STOP GETTING HURT IN WEIRD WAYS.

Should Jose Ramirez not be prepared to play by Thursday night against the Mariners, it is safe to assume that Erik Gonzalez will slide into the lineup and play the hot corner. Gonzalez made the Opening Day roster after Giovanny Urshela injured his hamstring and Yandy Diaz was optioned to Triple-A Columbus.

If more information about the injury to the Indians’ all-star 3rd baseman comes to light tonight, we’ll update this post. If not, it may very well be covered in tomorrow’s news and notes. Or maybe we’ll never really know what happened in the dugout on March 27th at Chase Field.