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March 14 News and Notes sees Tim Tebow back with the minor leaguers

Morning News and Notes for March 14, 2018

Cleveland Indians Photo Day
3/14 (Yeah, I forgot about this spring training invite, too)
Photo by Rich Pilling/Getty Images

From yesterday, I could provide you with 8,712 NFL links. Or 18,019 government links. But this is a baseball website of a team that did not play baseball yesterday, so you get 6, mostly about the New York Mets.

• Tim Tebow was fired from MLB camp, but not via twitter

• Mickey Callaway named Noah Syndergaard his opening day starter

• The Mets may still struggle to keep their players healthy

• Nelson Cruz is the latest Mariner to suffer an injury

• Fangraphs: The Opt-Out Clause Is Evolving

• Your favorite boyband took in a basketball game last night

You also get a photo that has nothing to do with any of the 6, but rather one of the results for “indians pie.”