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Let’s Go Tribe is looking for writers!

If your goal in life is to write about the Indians for a small monthly stipend, we’ve got you covered.

Minor League Baseball: Arizona Fall League-Peoria Javelinas at Glendale Desert Dogs Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

[EDITOR’S NOTE (3/25):] Let’s Go Tribe is no longer actively looking for writers. Thank you to everyone who applied, and we hope to see more of you the next time we post an open call. In the meantime, if you’re just in the mood to write about the Indians, FanPosts are always open and are frequently promoted to the front page.

That title isn’t a lie — Let’s Go Tribe is looking for writers! And for the first time since I took over as managing editor in late 2015, we’ll be looking for said writers through an application process, which you can fill out in a minute.

Before I get to that, though, I want to make it clear what we’re looking for so you know if you’re a fit for us, and more importantly if we’re a fit for you.

What we’re looking for:

Dedicated, passionate Indians fans first and foremost. I would rather have a sloppy, smart writer who loves the Indians more than someone proficient in AP-style formatting and ready to slap tables hither and thither who doesn’t understand the Church of Yandy Diaz’s Biceps.

Previous writing experience is obviously a plus, but if you don’t have any kind of resume there are a couple prompts in the questionnaire you can do as a kind of proving ground. This is a paid position (more on that in a moment), but it isn’t much, so people with little-to-no writing experience are perfectly fine to apply.

Let’s Go Tribe is a statistically minded blog underneath all the bizarre love of Francisco Lindor’s smile, so having a firm (or extra firm, if you please) grasp of sabermetrics and analytical thinking is a huge plus, as is being able to explain some complicated stats for easy reading. As much as a lot of our readership loves advances stats, most (or at least I) don’t want to wade through a Ph.D. thesis to understand what makes Corey Kluber’s slurve so great.

Right up front, I also just want to say this is a paid position but don’t run out quitting your day job or cramming in a four-year journalism degree to earn to a spot writing here. Depending on how much you’re able and willing to contribute, it’s only a few bucks a month. As (hopefully) everyone on the Let’s Go Tribe staff can attest, I try to take that into account with how much I ask of my writers — I know you’re not doing it for much pay and mostly “for exposure,” for whatever that’s worth. The writer(s) we’re looking for now is/are just a post or two per week at the most.

How to apply:

Fill this out, simple as that.