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Francisco Lindor forgot his jersey in Goodyear, found a nice replacement

Frankie is #69 for the day, and it’s delightful.

Spring training is a wacky time where baseball is made up and nothing matters. As a result, you’ll often see players wearing higher-than-normal numbers when they probably aren't going to make the majors anyway. Or, in some rare, magnificent cases, your star player forgets his jersey at his team’s spring training complex and chooses to wear number 69 for a day.

The internet, being the calm, cool, grown-up bunch that is, took the news well as it was first reported by’s Jordan Bastian.

As of this writing, less than a half hour after the tweet, Jordan has 79 replies and countless quote retweets. I’m going to go out on a limb and say that they all are “nice,” a GIF that says nice, or some combination of the two.

The best part is, Lindor was trying his hardest to not crack up during the at-bat, and he was all smiles (more than usual) rounding first base. My dude knows exactly what he did.