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Michael Brantley interviewed himself at spring training

Sense of humor confirmed to be in mid-season form

Cleveland Indians Photo Day Photo by Rob Tringali/Getty Images

Michael Brantley lingered with reporters this morning, prepared to give an update on the state of his health, where he is in his rehab, how he feels about the team. When you’re a star athlete on the mend, these questions come up often; when you’ve been attempting a comeback for two years, they become monotonous.

Brantley subverted the normal interview scene this morning by holding a miniature press conference with himself.

That Brantley appears to be in good spirits is a good thing. He’s endured setback after setback, and this is a contract season for the former MVP candidate. If he’s capable of putting up numbers close to those from three or four years ago, he’ll be a valuable piece in a dangerous Indians lineup.

However, in baseball, there are no guarantees. If things go badly, will we find Brantley wandering around the locker room in June, scolding himself for asking himself a clown question?