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Could Gio Urshela or Erik Gonzalez be traded before Opening Day?

Morning News and Notes for Feb 21

MLB: Game Two-Cleveland Indians at Detroit Tigers
The pair, with their friend Abe
Raj Mehta-USA TODAY Sports

Indians manager Terry Francona has anxiety over the looming decision the Indians will need to make on their infield. Gio Urshela and Erik Gonzalez are both out of options, and there isn’t likely to be room for both of them on the squad. Obviously, things could change between now and opening day, but it makes you wonder: Could one of them be traded? There probably won’t be many cost-controlled decent infielders available, so perhaps one of the two could net the Tribe a relief arm between now and then.

Indians N&N

• Dan Otero is excited to have the stability of a 2-year contract, and hopefully he will continue his effective ways because the Shawless bullpen will need innings. It would have been nice to see Dan in the 2017 postseason.

• Meanwhile, Dan Salazar has been throwing baseballs 75 ft

• WFNY looks at the 2019 and 2020 Indians

• Melvin Upton has an uncanny ability to change his swing speed

Around beisbol

• A TRADE! Specifically, a 3-way one between the Yankees, Rays and D-Backs. Arizona got Steven Souza, the Yankees got Brandon Drury, and the Rays got Nick Solak.

• Just prior to this trade, Jeff Sullivan wrote about the Rays

• The Angels are lowering their RF wall, which sounds like yet another way for Mike Trout’s OPS to rise

• Manny Parra was snagged by San Francisco

• Scott Boras just might be delusional