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We need to talk about Francisco Lindor’s hair

Baby what is you doin.

Look, this is a judgement free zone here on Let’s Go Tribe. No shaming of any kind (besides shaming Kansas City Royals fans) should take place in articles, comments, or anywhere else on these hollowed grounds.

But we need to talk.

About Francisco Lindor’s hair.

Frankie, my guy, what have you done.

Yesterday he posted a fun little videosof his teammates “forcing” him to get a haircut, and now it looks like he, just, oh no. Oh no oh no oh no.

Luckily, his smile will outshine whatever is going on up top, but Twitter still had some words about it. Let’s also get it out of the way now that it’s clearly a cursed image. If you’ve seen this post it’s too late for your soul.