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Let’s Talk Tribe Podcast Ep. 104: I Get It, But I Hate It

The Indians are retooling, we get it. But we hate it. Also, Trevor Bauer is technically not wrong.

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The Philadelphia Phillies are a disgrace. I don’t care that they are one of the few teams actually trying in baseball, or that they’re willing to make trades that benefit themselves and their diehard fans.

They traded Carlos Santana a year after he signed a three-year deal. How dare you. You never deserved him, you monsters. Come home, Carlos. Come to papa.

In other news, the Indians traded away Yan Gomes and it says a lot about how the Indians are evaluating this team and its chances going forward. Using Baseball Prospectus’ new metric, Deserved Runs Created Plus, we can also see that maybe they’re right in dealing away a player that has been a cornerstone for half a decade. Bring on Eric Haase.

Did you also know that Trevor Bauer was better than Corey Kluber in 2018? It’s true, and he’s right, but he’s kind of an asshole for saying it. But maybe that’s ok? It’s confusing, and Trevor got his finger caught in a drone again. Baseball is weird.


[00:52] - The Phillies are doing my boy Carlos dirty
[03:10] - Yan Gomes is a National and everything is awful
[04:48] - What’s next for the catcher position?
[12:14] - Rebuilding vs. Wage Suppression
[16:10] - Trevor Bauer is a le epic troll
[23:22] - Baseball Prospectus has a new metric, DRC+
[32:53] - Your questions


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Intro and outro music: Inner Cell by King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard.