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Padres become latest team to leak list of underwhelming players they would like to trade for Corey Kluber

Morning-ISH N&N for December 26, 2018

MLB: Cleveland Indians at Chicago White Sox
I’m really starting to think that the rest of baseball hasn’t been paying attention to how good this guy is
Patrick Gorski-USA TODAY Sports

Yeah, there was no N&N this morning. Completely forgot about you guys. Easy to do on the night of December 25. There was no news, anyways. Baseball execs forgot about you guys wanting news, too.

But look at this steaming pile of crap that just appeared under the LGT tree:

Really? Seriously? In no world is either of these players an acceptable centerpiece in a package for Corey Kluber.

But the list of dreaming ballclubs has grown:

Manny Margot? Hunter Renfroe? Austin Hedges? lolololololol. Offer real players, National League.