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Mike Chernoff loves Cleveland and might be sticking around long-term

Morning N&N

New York Knicks v Cleveland Cavaliers Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images

Apparently we have no pictures of Mike Chernoff. This hasn’t influenced his opinion of the city we talk about, as he loves Cleveland and is believed to have signed an extension. I wish I could tell you more.

Not even this could make him hate Cleveland, apparently:

Yikes. Turns out Dolan might be #cheep after all.

• But here’s why the Braves want Corey Kluber

• And here’s why the Yankees want Corey Kluber

• And here’s why the Angels want Corey Kluber

I could go on. But the general view around baseball is that it’s good to have great players on your team, even if that leads to them winning awards that trigger incentives.

But sure, Trevor, it would make you one step closer to being the ace of a staff, so let’s move on.

Around baseball

• Farhan Zaidi has left the Dodgers for the Giants. Huge, huge hire.

• The Cardinals fired their hitting coach, making the Indians’ Ty Van Burkleo the longest-tenured hitting coach in baseball.

• Lance McCullers will not pitch in 2019 after undergoing Tommy John surgery on Tuesday.

• CC Sabathia will be pitching another year in New York. He will make eight million dollars to do so.

• The Nationals really wanted to prevent Bryce Harper from hitting free agency. But, surprise! his agent wasn’t listening.

• The Mariners are looking like sellers.

• It’s time to tell Fangraphs what you thought of the 2018 Indians. There is no option for “boring-ass season.”

• The Rays want a catcher. Have the Rays ever had a catcher?