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N&N: More analysis of the Indians’ trade options

Chicago White Sox v Cleveland Indians Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images

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What did Seattle’s trade of James Paxton reveal about what the Indians want for a starting pitcher |

It’s the offseason blues! The stories keep recycling over and over!! From Paul Hoynes:

The Indians almost certainly could have made that trade. They could have brought Sheffield back to Cleveland and given him a shot in the rotation or bullpen. But they could have made that deal because the Yankees talked to them about their equivalent of Paxton -- Corey Kluber, Carlos Carrasco or Trevor Bauer.

They didn’t do it because while they like Sheffield, they don’t like him as much as Seattle apparently does. Plus they needed more from the Yankees than just their No. 1 prospect and Swanson, who pitched at Triple-A last year and Williams, a center fielder who has yet to play above Class A since being drafted in 2014.

Jerry Dipoto, Seattle GM, said the Mariners were “taking a step back’ after trading Paxton, a talented starter who has trouble staying healthy. Dipoto doesn’t think the Mariners are ready to become a force in the tough AL West.

The Indians are not in that spot, at least not yet. They have won three straight AL Central titles, a division that is the least competitive in the big leagues. Their starting pitching, the core of the team, can stay mostly intact through 2021.

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